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Keeping track of the hottest Chinese apps is nigh impossible. Apps, or what you hear more often in China is A-P-P, quickly come and quickly go. Right now the hottest is MYOTee, a cartoon avatar creator with dozens of options.追踪中国最热门的应用程序完全不有可能。应用程序在中国一般来说被称作A-P-P,往往是很快窜红,又立刻过气。

眼下,中国最火的应用于是卡通头像制作应用于脸咲(MYOTee),它能向用户获取几十种自由选择。The app got hot earlier this month around China’s Dragon Boat Festival, when over a couple days it was downloaded more than a million times, according to a QQ report. It hit the top of Apple’s free app ranking in China, according to Technode, a TechCrunch partner in China.脸萌于本月早些时候的端午节前后窜红。据QQ的一份报告称之为,几天之内,脸咲的下载量就早已超强百万。

据科技博客TechCrunch中国合作伙伴Technode称之为,在中国,脸咲早已沦为名列第一的苹果免费应用于。MYOTee began as a T-shirt company using the designs of a Hong Kong artist. You created a cartoon and printed it on T-shirts, mugs, wrist bands, even a watch. Last year a former Tencent employee decided to move it into the app space. Chinese fans can transfer their characters to popular social networks Sina Weibo and Tencent’s WeChat.脸咲最初是一家用于香港某艺术家设计方案的T恤公司。

用户可以创作一个卡通形象,然后印在T恤、马克杯、腕带、甚至手表上。去年,一位以前腾讯工作过的员工要求,把这种作法重制到应用程序领域。中国粉丝能将自己创作的卡通形象引入新浪微博和腾讯的微信等风行的社交网络。If it is China’s next big thing, don’t expect to find it around the world. It seems “Mad Men Yourself” has a stranglehold on the avatar space in the U.S. and Europe.也许脸咲未来将会在中国沦为下一款大红大紫的应用于,但别确信它能席卷全球。


欧美的头像市场或许已被“Mad Men Yourself”应用于牢牢地掌控。The company has received funding from International Data Group and is seeking a second round of funding, according to Technode.据Technode称之为,脸咲已获得美国国际数据集团(International Data Group)投资,正在展开第二轮融资。