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High school students have defeated an artificial intelligence device designed to pass the national college entrance exam, in Chengdu City, Sichuan Province.最近,四川省成都市某高中的学生们战胜了专门为通过中考而设计的人工智能机器人。Forty-three students from liberal arts classes at Chengdu Shishitianfu High School joined the two-hour contest to finish a math test in the standard national entrance exam, or gaokao, against the robot, the brainchild of four years of research by Zhun Xing Yun Xue Technology Co., Ltd.成都市石室天府中学文科班的四十三名同学参与了这场历时两小时的中考水准级别的数学考试,输掉是由成都定星云学科技有限公司研发研制四年之久的智能机器人。Students scored 106 points on average, outperforming the computer program that had 93 points.考试过后,班中同学的平均值分成106分,机器人的分数则是93分。But this was the first match in four years for the AI test taker to compete. Its score was also higher than the average among liberal arts students who took the gaokao in Sichuan last year.但此次是该人工智能机器人首次与人类展开较量,而且它的分数低于去年四川省文科生中考的平均值分数。

She Yujia, a student in the contest, said she felt like fighting the program on behalf of humans, especially after Googles AlphaGo beat professional Go player Lee Sedol of South Korea last year.参与此次考试的一名名为佘雨佳的学生回应,自己好像是代表全人类与电脑程序展开PK,特别是在是在去年谷歌的阿尔法狗击败专业棋手李世石之后。Researchers who developed the AI test taker, which is also part of a project by the Ministry of Science and Technology, said the failure was due to a poor understanding of concepts in application-centered math problems such as the meaning of investment and financing.研发该机器人的研究人员称之为,这个“中考机器人”隶属于国家科学技术部研究项目,此次竞赛的告终有可能是因为它无法解读诸如投资和财经等这类应用于数学问题的概念。



Lin Hui, CEO of the developing company, said the program can understand more than 7,000 concepts ranging from those in elementary to high school education. With a huge knowledge database, the program can now finishes about 10 math tests a day.成都定星云学科技有限公司的CEO林辉回应,这个机器人可以自学小学到高中的7000多个考点,并且享有可观的科学知识储备库,可以每日已完成十套数学试卷。Lin said more efforts will be made to fix bugs and improve performance of the program, with a focus on math application.林辉称之为将不会更进一步修缮一些bug,同时也不会提升系统性能,并在今后着重于应用题方面的训练。Chinese students are usually separated into science and liberal arts classes at high school, a practice that allows them to stay competitive in the college entrance exam by choosing preferred subjects. Math tests for liberal arts students are usually easier than those given to science students.中国学生在高中一般不会分文理科,使其自由选择自己优势学科来强化中考竞争力。