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Foreign Minister Julie Bishop says Australians may soon be able to travel without their passports in a world-leading initiative.澳大利亚外交部部长朱莉·毕晓普(Julie Bishop)回应,如果一个全球领先的项目顺利实施,有可能迅速澳洲人民旅行时就需要装载护照了。The traditional travel documents would be ditched for cloud passports as part of the initiative, which was presented during a hackathon in Canberra, according to the Canberra Times.据《堪培拉时报》报导,该项目在堪培拉举办的一场黑客马拉松大会上发布。作为这个项目的部分内容,“云护照”将代替各种传统的旅游证件。

We think it will go global, Ms Bishop said of the idea of passport-less travel, which was presented to a number of leaders as part of the Department of Foreign Affairs InnovationXchange project.谈到“无护照旅行”的理念时,毕晓普说:“我们指出这一理念将席卷全世界”。“无护照旅行”的理念已在会上向多位高层领导不作了讲解,这是澳大利亚外交部创意交流计划(InnovationXchange project)的一部分。Ms Bishop acknowledged security standards would have to be met to store personal information in the cloud.毕晓普否认,在云端存储个人信息必需要符合各项安全性标准。The meeting on Wednesday was also attended by Chris Vein, chief innovation officer for Global Information and Communications Technology Development with the World Bank, Australian Minister for International Development Steve Ciobo, and DFAT Secretary Peter Varghese.参加28日的黑客马拉松大会的还有:世界银行(World Bank)全球信息和通信技术局首席创意官克里斯·维因(Chris Vein)、澳大利亚国际发展部部长史蒂夫·西奥博(Steve Ciobo)以及澳大利亚外交贸易部(DFAT)秘书长彼得瓦吉斯(Peter Varghese)。


A cloud passport would work by storing the identity and biometric data of holders online so it could be checked digitally, which would eliminate the need to carry a physical copy.“云护照”的工作原理是将护照持有者的身份和生物计量数据存储在网上,因此可以展开数字化检查,也就需要装载纸质护照了。It would also mean the risk of Australians losing or having their passports stolen would be significantly reduced, according to the newspaper.《堪培拉时报》报导称之为,用于“云护照”还将很大地减少澳大利亚人护照遗失或被盗的风险。

DFAT statistics show 38,718 passports were reported lost or stolen in 2014-15.澳大利亚外交贸易部的数据表明,2014-2015年度,注册遗失或被盗的护照数量就超过38718本。Australiaand New Zealand are currently in discussions about trialing the world-first method.目前,澳大利亚和新西兰正在商谈全面推行全球首创的“云护照”。The InnovationXchange project was designed by Ms Bishop as a way to support innovation across the Australian aid program, according to the department.澳大利亚外交部称之为,创意交流计划是毕晓普设计明确提出的,目的是“通过澳大利亚援助计划反对创意”。


The $140 million project was launched in May in collaboration with American publisher and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who heralded the initiative by saying it will challenge the status quo and use innovation to solve tough problems.这项投资额为1.4亿美元的项目于五月份启动,合作方为美国出版商、前纽约市市长迈克尔·布隆伯格(Michael Bloomberg)。他在宣告这一项目时回应,该项目将“挑战现状,用创意解决问题难题”。

Australiaimplemented e-passports in 2005, which feature an embedded chip storing travellers digitised photograph, name, gender, date of birth, nationality, passport number, and the passport expiry date.2005年,澳大利亚开始实行“电子护照”。电子护照内置芯片,芯片储存有旅行者的数码照片、姓名、性别、出生日期、国籍、护照号以及护照有效期等信息。:yobo体育全站app下载,yobo体育。