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The European Space Agency says a British-built space probe that disappeared more than a decade ago on Mars has been found.欧洲宇航局说道,在火星上寻找了十多年前下落不明的英国修建的太空探测器。The British space agency said Friday the Beagle 2 spacecraft has been found partially deployed on the surface of the planet, ending the mystery of what happened to the mission.英国宇航局星期五说道,小猎犬2号探测器一部分被部署在火星表面,从而揭露了探测器下落不明之谜。

The agency said the partial deployment would explain why no signal or data was received from the Beagle because full deployment of all the solar panels was needed to transmit data and receive commands from Earth.英国宇航局说道,探测器只有一部分被部署在火星上,这就是为什么小猎犬2号之前音信全无。探测器的所有太阳能板必需都做到,才能收到数据,并从地球拒绝接受指令。The agency said there was clear evidence of the lost lander in satellite images taken by the U.S. space agency NASAs Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.英国宇航局说道,美国航天局升空的火星勘测轨道飞行器摄制的卫星图像获取了确凿证据。


Officials said the find showed that the entry, descent and landing sequence for Beagle 2 worked and the lander did successfully touch down on Mars on Christmas Day 2003.这一找到表明, 小猎犬2号探测器2003年圣诞节顺利在火星降落,上升和降落程序没问题。Britains Beagle 2 was carried to the red planet on ESAs Mars Express. The Beagle was to report back from Mars using instruments designed to help search for signs of life, but nothing was heard after it was dropped off to make its landing.小猎犬2号探测器当年是由欧洲航天局的火星快车送来去火星的,任务是利用找寻生命迹象的仪器,向地球传回信息。

但是探测器迫降后信息仅有无。British planetary scientist Colin Pillinger who was the driving force behind the mission died last year at the age of 70.推展修建这一探测器的英国行星科学家科林皮林格去年去世,享寿70岁。