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苹果内耗? Siri原创团队全部离职!_yobo体育全站app下载,yobo体育


【yobo体育全站app下载,yobo体育】Almost all of the talent Apple acquired from the original Siri team has reportedly left the company, with a pair of key departures having taken place in recent weeks.据报导,苹果公司Siri原创团队完全所有的人才全部辞职,其中几位关键人物在最近几周刚离开了。Calling him one of the last members of the original Siri team, The Information reported on last Wednesday that Darren Haas has left Apple for General Electric. Hell join Steve DAurora, another ex-Siri team member who resigned from Apple for GE a few weeks ago.Information网站于上周三报导称之为,此前自称为是“Siri团队的最后几位原创成员之一”的达伦·哈斯已于几周前离开了苹果公司,回国通用电气供职。他不会和几周前另一名Siri团队的前成员史蒂夫·德洛纳一道前往供职。

The changeups also come a few days after a team of ex-Siri personnel unveiled Viv, a new, advanced virtual assistant that aims to offer functionality well beyond what Apples Siri can currently do. Demonstrated tasks include ordering a car from Uber, buying flowers from FTD, and ordering tickets from a variety of services, and offer intelligent, contextual responses, such as alternatives when a showtime for a movie is sold out.在此次辞职潮再次发生的几天前,前Siri团队成员刚公布了Viv。Viv是一款功能类似于Siri但性能不亚于于其的软件。目前其展示的功能还包括调用优步专车,通过FTD去出售鲜花,通过一系列其他服务去买票,获取如某时段电影票销售一空时的解决方案等在内的智能情景号召服务。Haass departure affirms an earlier rumor suggesting Apples head of cloud engineering was on his way out the door. The Siri team is said to have clashed with management at Apple, and have particularly been at odds with the team that oversees Apples iCloud services.哈斯的辞职证实此前苹果“云计算负责人”将要离开了公司的传言。


据信Siri团队同管理层产生过冲突,和负责管理云服务的团队也不存在分歧。Apple apparently decided to extend the Siri cloud computing platform to include services under the iCloud teams banner, like iTunes and iMessages. That transition is said to have made some at Apple feel uneasy about job security.苹果公司将Siri云计算平台划入iCloud团队旗下(还包括iTunes和iMessages)的意图非常明显,此举令其许多职工忧虑自己能否挽回工作。Both Haas and DAngelo were key acqui-hires that came on board through Apples purchase of Siri in 2010. The tech developed by the company debuted on the iPhone 4s and is now integrated into all current iOS devices, serving functions from creating calendar entries to answering basic user inquiries.2010年苹果公司并购了Siri团队,而哈斯和德洛纳是团队中的关键人物。


Siri在iPhone 4s中首次亮相,如今已笔记本电脑在所有用于iOS系统的设备中,功能还包括查阅日历,问用户明确提出的基本问题等。However, Siri was meant to do much more than its current feaiOS/安卓版/手机版app下载ture set as developed under Apple. Prior to the acquisition, Siri integrated with a number of e-commerce providers, ranging from movie tickets to food orders.然而若非苹果的缘故,Siri本不应不具备更好的功能。收购前,Siri上能联系到很多电商,用户可以用软件订立电影票,叫外卖等。