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yobo体育全站app下载,yobo体育:3D Food Printer3D食物打印机Feel like eating a hamburger? Or would you rather have a pizza? No problem, the 3D food printer will create anything you want, literally at the click of a button.你想不吃个汉堡包?还是想想份匹萨饼?都没问题,只需按下按钮,3D食物打印机就可以作出任何你想的美味。Scientists at Cornell University in New York are developing a commercially viable 3D food printer, which uses raw food inks that are fed into the printer and once you load the recipe and press the button, voila!纽约康奈尔大学的科学家们于是以研发一款可商用的3D食物打印机,它以食物原料不作墨水。待原料敲人打印机内,用户只要输出食谱,按下按钮,男子汉,如此非常简单,大功告成!An electronic blueprint states exactly what materials go where and are drawn up using traditional engineering computer-aided design (CAD) software.科学家制订的电子图纸详尽说明了食物原料的调配方法,该图纸是用传统工程学中的计算机辅助设计(CAD)软件绘制而出的。

FabApps would allow you to tweak your foods taste, texture and other properties. Maybe you really love biscuits, but want them extra flaky. You would change the slider and the recipe and the instructions would adjust accordingly, the Daily Mail quoted Dr. Jeffrey lan Lipton as saying.英国《每日邮报》援引杰弗里·伊恩·利普顿的话说道用于FahApps食物打印机,你可以调整食物的味道、口感和其他特性。也许你很爱人吃饼干,但又期望它们更加厚,这时你可以拖掌控饼干厚度的滑块,调整食谱,打印机食物的指令也就随之变更了。

So anything that can be loaded into syringes-liquid cheese,chocolate and cake batter-can be printed out! So far, they have had some success creating cookies, cake and designer domes made of turkey meat.因此,任何可以被取出灌入器的食物——比如液体奶醋、巧克力和煎饼——都可以被打印机出来。迄今为止,科学家已顺利打印机咄出了饼干、蛋糕以及火鸡肉制作的特制肉塔Homaro Cantu, chef at Chicagos Moto, has printed sushi using an ink jet printer.芝加哥Moto餐厅的大厨荷马洛.坎图早已用食物打印机作出了寿司。You can imagine a 3D printer making homemade apple pie without the need for farming the apples, fertilising, transporting, refrigerating, packaging, fabricating, cooking, serving and the need for all of the materials in these processes like cars, trucks, pans, coolers, etc., said Cantu.坎图说你可以设想一下,用于3D食物打印机制做苹果派,而无须种苹果、播种、运输、冷藏、纸盒、加工、烹调、上菜,而且不用用于适当的这些生产过程中不会中用的汽车、卡车、平底锅、冷藏器等工具。


3D printing will do for food what e-mail and instant messaging did for communication.3D食物打印机可以便利地制作食物,就如同电邮和即时通讯工具可以使人们快捷地交流交流一样。。